WOOCS 2.2.1

Device Problem FAQs

What if my Dash Camera indicate that the ‘SD card is Full”?
Firstly please ensure that you have an original branded SD card, imitations will cause the camera to fault. You should check that your SD card is a High Speed Class 10 Memory Card. Examples of imitation cards include Class 4 or Class 6.
What memory card size can I use?
Most dash cameras only support a maximum of 32GB cards. Higher memory cards will not operate well with the dash camera. If you are unsure about what sized memory card your dash camera takes, please refer to the ‘additional information’ on the DashCam Hero product page.
Why does my Dash Camera only record for around 10 seconds?
Please check if you have turned on your Motion Detect function. When motion detect is on in video move, the dash camera will not record if it detects no movement around the car. This will cause the dash camera to turn off.
Why is my Dash camera making a strange sound?
Ensure that you are using the correct charging cord with the device. This cord will have arrived with the dash camera when you receive it. If you are utilising a USB cable to connect the car to the device it will cause the device to falter. Please only use the native cord to charge your device.
Why does my dash camera state that the memory card cannot be read?
Memory cards will not be read for a few reasons. Firstly, if the card is an imitation product and secondly, if the card GB size is too high for the device to read. Please refer to the ‘additional information’ section within the DashCam Hero product page. This will guide you as to what sized memory card your dash camera takes. Please note again that these products will not take inferior imitation cards.
My Dash Camera only lasts 2-3 minutes when unplugged from the car?
Yes, your dash camera needs to be plugged into the car at all times unless otherwise advised on the product page. Dash cams are designed to stay connected with the vehicle power to ensure optimal performance. The battery is designed as a backup power source for short-term use only in the event when the vehicles power system is cut out during an incident so that they dash cam can save the last recording. It is not to be used as a sole source of power for prolonged periods.

Delivery Questions

How long will my Dash Camera take to arrive
Generally you can expect your Dash Camera to arrive in 10-20 Days after shipment. During busy times of the year eg. Christmas and Boxing Day, please allow for about 25 days for the product to arrive depending on your mailing system.
What if my product hasn’t arrived?
We are super confident in our suppliers and know that they will aim to dispatch the product as soon as possible! If by chance, you are still waiting for your product outside of the allocated shipment time (20 days) please review your tracking ID to see where your product is within the shipment. Depending on the boarder security of your country, there may potentially be a delay. DASHCAM HERO will not be held accountable if the product is stuck at boarder security, but is willing to work with you to follow up the progress of the product. Please note, that New Zealand is notorious for having a slow process system when it comes to product mailings. In the event that your product has said that it has not left the warehouse by the 20th day, please contact [email protected] and we will follow it up. Major product delays will result in a refund of your purchased product.
Where do I find the returns policy?
You can find the returns policy on the DashCam Hero Returns page. On there you will also find all details relating to product warranties and your rights as a consumer.

Do you have a question that he haven’t covered? Not a problem, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll aim to reply within 24 hours.